About This Hand Sanitizer

About This Hand Sanitizer

The formulation of this sanitizer is the World Health Organization recommended formulation 1. This formula also complies with CDC and FDA guidelines. All of the mentioned organizations recommended manufacturers to use ethanol alcohol instead of the isopropyl alcohol typically used due shortage caused by the global pandemic.

Ethanol alcohol is just as effective at sanitation as isopropyl alcohol. Different types of alcohol have their own unique smell due to their unique chemical structures.

This formula is stronger than traditional gel hand sanitizer. It is 80% alcohol. 10% more alcohol than traditional gel hand sanitizer. The formula also contains hydrogen peroxide to aid in disinfection as well as glycerin for moisturizer and to keep hands silky soft.

  • This sanitizer does not chemically burn your hands like isopropyl alcohol based ones. 

  • This hand sanitizer is fragrance free, some people have allergic reactions to fragrances.

  • We did not add any gelling agents as liquid is more effective and recommended by the W.H.O. -  it gets under your fingernails, spreads easily over your hands and you can also wipe down surfaces.